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Care and Cleaning of Real Wood Furniture

Posted by Patricia Frisoni on

Essential Tips for Maintaining Your Oak and Alder Wood Furniture

At Oak Arizona, we specialize in creating exquisite, durable furniture using  sustainable real oak and alder wood. Keeping your real wood furniture in pristine condition requires specific care and cleaning tips. Here’s how you can preserve the elegance and integrity of your wood furniture, ensuring it lasts for generations.

Regular Dusting: Regularly dust your oak or alder furniture with a soft, clean microfiber cloth to avoid scratches and dust build-up.

Avoid Direct Sunlight: Keep your furniture away from direct sunlight to prevent fading and damage over time, a key tip for maintaining the vibrant look of your wood.

Control Humidity: Wood can expand and contract over time based on humidity levels in your home. Be sure to maintain a stable environment to prevent damage and extend the life of your furniture.

Immediate Spill Cleanup: Act quickly on spills using a dry cloth, followed by a slightly damp cloth if necessary, and then dry the area thoroughly.

Protective Measures: Use coasters, placemats, and felt pads to protect the furniture surface from scratches and moisture.

Polishing: Enhance the natural beauty of your wood furniture with a high-quality polish designed for real wood every few months.

Incorporating these care tips into your routine will keep your oak and alder wood furniture from Oak Arizona looking its best.

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