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Why Murphy Wall Beds?

Posted by Patricia Frisoni on

Maximize Your Space: The Benefits of Murphy Wall Beds in Arizona

Murphy Wall Beds from Oak Arizona are the ultimate solution for anyone looking to enhance the functionality of their living space. Crafted with the finest oak and alder woods, our Murphy Wall Beds are not only space savers but also stylish and customizable. Here’s why you should consider a hidden bed:

Space Efficiency: Our Murphy Wall Beds fold up seamlessly into a wall cabinet, maximizing your space without sacrificing style.

Custom Designs: Tailor your Murphy Bed with a variety of custom options, including built-in desks, storage piers, bookcases and file cabinets to match the functionality and how you plan to use the room.

Comfortable Sleep: Enjoy the comfort of a traditional mattress and the convenience of an easy-to-use foldaway system. Mattress recommendations range between a 10” to 11” depth to ensure the bed folds seamlessly.

Versatile Rooms: Ideal for small spaces or dual-purpose rooms, such as home offices that also serve as a guest room.

Durability and Style: Choose a durable, stylish Murphy Wall Bed that complements your home and decor and that is sure to last for years.

Transform your space with a stylish and practical Murphy Wall Bed from Oak Arizona, a smart choice for small spaces, whether it’s for a city apartment, a vacation home or for your everyday home. You’ll be glad you made the investment.

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